Kid’s Rock’in Back Into the Scene

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Every now and then music comes back in style, and other times an old band releases new music, staging a comeback into the music scene.

This one particular old-timer is desperate to be back in the spotlight, so desperate he’s playing the ‘patriot’ card. Kid Rock. His new album is titled ‘Born Free’, named after the album’s lead single ‘Born Free’ which made its radio release in July.

I’m not saying that I like this particular style of music, but maybe Kid Rock has learned the secret to people’s hearts, writing themes that all Americans can relate to, lyrics of struggle and fighting to cut your own trail in this crazy world: “Young, like a new moon rising/Fierce, through the rain and lightning/Wandering out
into this great unknown/And I don’t want no one to cry/But tell ’em if I don’t survive/I was born free!”

Apparently the song was good enough for Kid Rock to be awarded an invite to play it for the halftime show of the Detroit Lions vs. New England Patriots on Thanksgiving.

If you are interested, check it out:


This Deserved a Pigeon Dropping

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Have you seen these? More and more sporting events, concerts, mass public gatherings have been accompanied by someone wearing one of skin-tight colored suits. They are called Morphsuits, and I WANT ONE.

Basically it’s a spandex suit complete with a full-faced hood.  The great thing about these suits is that you can see through them and even drink through them. They are the peak of awesome in costume form, and will have all your friends wondering, 1. who is that? and 2. where can I get one of those?

Answer: you can get one here.

These suits are totally baller, ya’ll. According to their website, “…you can see out, but people can’t see in. You’ll be able to see out well enough to enjoy a stag weekend, ambassador’s reception or leisurely stroll to pick up the papers.”

In addition, you can buy swag to go along with the Morphsuit. Typically called Fannypacks (though if you talk to any Australian, you shouldn’t call them by this name),  solid colored “Bumbags” are for sale on the website, so you can carry all your cash and accessories. You can also purchase cool sunglasses which are probably not UV protected or polarized (but look awesome), sweatbands (probably for when you get super hot in the outfit), wigs, and shoe covers to go along with your Morphsuit.

The website features a few different types of the Morphsuit. The “Original” comes in solid colors and is perfect for making a solid statement. The “Premium” comes in obnoxious patriotic patterns and everything from camo to leopard print to a spandex tux.

Consider buying yourself or a loved one a Morphsuit this Christmas. Besides being a no-brainer when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, these costumes are TOTALLY TUBULAR!

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Many people would like to romanticize a career as a professional photographer. For many of us, the idea of it is practically shoved down our throats: the epic photography of National Geographic stories, all the captivating news photos in the New York Times, and loads of freelance photographers displaying their work on Flickr.

Once in a while, one of these budding photographers shows quite a bit of potential. Seth Jones currently lives in Houston and is working a couple part time jobs, doing photo shoots on the side whenever possible. Here are some of his recent shots.

He has been focusing mainly on portrait photography in his short time, and has achieved some interesting perspectives and has employed some new techniques for his portraits like tiltshift and freelens techniques. When shooting into the sun in portrait sessions, he is at times able to achieve a dreamy sense in his photos.

Other times the lens flare takes over and creates strange sea creatures on top of the subject…Jellyfish?

Take a gander….



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Imagine never seeing the sun during the winter months. This is exactly what one northern Norwegian island experiences every year. Svalbard, about the size of West Virginia and located close to the Arctic Pole, has been a part of Norway since 1920. Its rugged terrain brings coal miners, hunters and bird watchers alike, to experience the desolate north.

Several tour operators exist in Svalbard, and people come from all around for work and for exploration, but normally only stay a small determined period of time. Svalbard, known for its northernmost town, Longyearbyen, which literally translates to ‘Long year town’, has one of the most extended dark periods. Since it is to close to the arctic cap, the webcams on the northern Svalbard website indicate darkness for a good chunk of the year.

During the summer, Svalbard offers many activities for residents and tourists including hiking, boating, kayaking, and dog sledding. A university in the town offers majors in arctic technology, geology, biology, and geophysics.

Svalbard also has a large polar bear population. People living in rural towns must beware the cuddly-looking creatures, as they are quite territorial and have been known to drag off innocent people from a town when hungry. One travelers safety manual for Svalbard strongly suggests bringing a powerful weapon at all times when leaving a city.

Sound like a good honeymoon spot?


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Cat Crazy

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Cant get enough of the furry felines? Here is a prefect gift that deserved its own post. Cat-Opoly, the Monopoly for cat lovers, features hairy adventures around a square board. Buy your favorite cat characters as you gain more cat-bucks, and then purchase catnip and fish bones for your cats to snack on.Be sure to hop over the ponds and water tubs, as having a wet cat is “CATastrphic”.

Cat lovers are sure to have endless amounts of fun with this quirky game One reviewer raved, “I love the board game itself as it is full of cats and very beautiful to look at. The cats are just amazing to look at.”

Though the game is suggested for 8 to 14 year-olds, the strategy can be technical enough for any adult.

Consider this as a Christmas gift for any of your cat-lover friends, or even for a white elephant gag gift. At about $20 this gift is well worth the price.

I Want to Believe!

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A mystery of nature, crop circles have been the subject to an endless amount of documentaries and conspiracy theories since the 1970’s. Because many crop circles have been created with intense precision, people have questioned whether they could really have been crafted by human hands.

One documentary addresses a supposed conversation between crop circle enthusiasts and “aliens”. Apparently, a group of people created a genetic code for humans, which was then embedded into a crop circle. A few days later, a crop circle appeared (a supposed response) with the alien DNA, and details about their makeup. Watch the video for the full story.

Certain groups reason that crop circles must be real, based on the way the crop has been flattened, the magnetic forces that appear in the field, and how it happens over the course of a few hours during the night.

Whether this modern day mystery is true or not, it opens a discussion over whether the human race is really the only living organisms that think, create, reason, and love.

Is it real? I don’t know. Do I believe in crop circles? Probably so. If there’s a chance I can make alliances with foreigners in the outer space galaxy, I’m gonna take it.

What You Didn’t Gnome.

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Peaceful creatures of the garden. Unlike the ferocious trolls, these small peaceful and harmless statues actually originated in Germany from local myths that talked about miniature people that helped the garden at night.

In 1997, a statue of what is believed to be the oldest garden gnome was found in Britain. The terracotta gnome, deemed “Lampy”, was found in a crevasse under some earth in a province of Britain, and was one of a collection of 21 statues imported from Germany in the 1800s. Today, the statue is valued at a pricey 1.5 million US dollars. What happened to the other 20? The man who brought them back, Sir Charles, had some daughters who found the cheery statues repulsive. They had them taken out of the garden, all except Lampy, who was hidden beneath the deciduous leaves of the garden. A fitting story for such a laid back character.

Since then, Gnomes have exploded as a popular icon and have been the tool for endless “Gnoming” pranks (kidnapping garden gnome statues and ‘setting them free’ into the wild) amongst youth and Halloween costumes which, if taken seriously, allow people to be lazy and take naps.

A recent photoblog details the life of a Gnome. The creatively staged photographs make the life of a gnome seem uncannily normal, like he fits in with the business world, and it’s no big deal he has a red pointy hat and a large white Santa beard.

see more photos on GnomeBomb’s blog

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