This Deserved a Pigeon Dropping

December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Have you seen these? More and more sporting events, concerts, mass public gatherings have been accompanied by someone wearing one of skin-tight colored suits. They are called Morphsuits, and I WANT ONE.

Basically it’s a spandex suit complete with a full-faced hood.  The great thing about these suits is that you can see through them and even drink through them. They are the peak of awesome in costume form, and will have all your friends wondering, 1. who is that? and 2. where can I get one of those?

Answer: you can get one here.

These suits are totally baller, ya’ll. According to their website, “…you can see out, but people can’t see in. You’ll be able to see out well enough to enjoy a stag weekend, ambassador’s reception or leisurely stroll to pick up the papers.”

In addition, you can buy swag to go along with the Morphsuit. Typically called Fannypacks (though if you talk to any Australian, you shouldn’t call them by this name),  solid colored “Bumbags” are for sale on the website, so you can carry all your cash and accessories. You can also purchase cool sunglasses which are probably not UV protected or polarized (but look awesome), sweatbands (probably for when you get super hot in the outfit), wigs, and shoe covers to go along with your Morphsuit.

The website features a few different types of the Morphsuit. The “Original” comes in solid colors and is perfect for making a solid statement. The “Premium” comes in obnoxious patriotic patterns and everything from camo to leopard print to a spandex tux.

Consider buying yourself or a loved one a Morphsuit this Christmas. Besides being a no-brainer when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, these costumes are TOTALLY TUBULAR!


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