What You Didn’t Gnome.

December 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Peaceful creatures of the garden. Unlike the ferocious trolls, these small peaceful and harmless statues actually originated in Germany from local myths that talked about miniature people that helped the garden at night.

In 1997, a statue of what is believed to be the oldest garden gnome was found in Britain. The terracotta gnome, deemed “Lampy”, was found in a crevasse under some earth in a province of Britain, and was one of a collection of 21 statues imported from Germany in the 1800s. Today, the statue is valued at a pricey 1.5 million US dollars. What happened to the other 20? The man who brought them back, Sir Charles, had some daughters who found the cheery statues repulsive. They had them taken out of the garden, all except Lampy, who was hidden beneath the deciduous leaves of the garden. A fitting story for such a laid back character.

Since then, Gnomes have exploded as a popular icon and have been the tool for endless “Gnoming” pranks (kidnapping garden gnome statues and ‘setting them free’ into the wild) amongst youth and Halloween costumes which, if taken seriously, allow people to be lazy and take naps.

A recent photoblog details the life of a Gnome. The creatively staged photographs make the life of a gnome seem uncannily normal, like he fits in with the business world, and it’s no big deal he has a red pointy hat and a large white Santa beard.

see more photos on GnomeBomb’s blog

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