Electronic Meets Soul

December 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

The electronic band, Bonobo, has been pumping out tracks that sound like funky smooth-jazz mixed with electronic computer sounds. According to a recent interview on KUT, Bonobo is one of the only DJs known for playing with a full band rather than off his laptop.

From the beginning, his smooth jams had people relaxed, and when Bonobo recently partnered with British singer Andreya Triana, smooth jams got taken to the next level. Triana’s sultry voice mixed with Bonobo’s eclectic sounds is almost tangible, a piece of dark chocolate.

On tour now, Bonobo says he is concerned with making “amazing soundscapes’. By using “instruments” like pots and pans, and small trinkets found around his house and studio, he exaggerates Trianas voice, making a sort of story through the instrumentals and letting Triana insert the words.

Stay the Same- Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana (MP3)

Bonobo’s attention to the detailed noises in his songs adds an undeniable emotional quality. “I make music that I consider to be very personal…I think the main aspect is to make it as human as possible” he told NPR a few days ago. Bonobo’s intricately woven forces the listeners to think deeper than just surface level.


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