Personal Shoutout in Hyde Park

December 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

Dear Hyde Park Tire Slasher whose name I’m pretty sure is Tommy,

If I could just make a few suggestions. Dude, things are getting out of control. None of us appreciate you slashing our tires (did you think we did?). We thought you’d be done by now, but you’ve struck like four times now in the past three months. Its an expensive habit, mainly just for the people who own the cars, just in case you forgot. There are a few reasons you should just stop: 1. We put up cameras in secret places to catch you, so your little pranks will get a bit costly- for you this time. 2. Find a new hobby, my grandma would love to teach you how to knit. I swear it’s fun. I’m totally hooked (pun intended) on knitting. 3. We may resort to new trapping methods. My roommates and I are about to buy some blow darts if you continue this. How would you like to be tranquilized? Sit on that for a bit. 4. You’re not going to make any more friends this way. and 5. Its just not nice, okay? That’s all, really.


Hyde Park Friends


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§ 2 Responses to Personal Shoutout in Hyde Park

  • Hello to you and others who’ve been affected. I have started a Task Force through the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association to combat this problem. We now have dozens of volunteers and contacts who have just begun working together, including residents, property owners, 3 neighborhood associations, and local officials with the APD, the City Council and the County Attorney’s Office.

    If you would like to volunteer or spread the word or donate, we’d like your assistance.

    I would like to know what address you are referring to, as well. “High Risk” locations, like yours, are qualifying for extra attention by the Task Force and those who are working with us.

    Please email me at

    Thank You,
    Heather Freeman
    Hyde Park Neighborhood Association
    Crime & Safety Co-chairperson

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