No More Candy Machines at St.Eds

December 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

A few weeks ago, an unfortunate event happened on the campus of St. Edwards University. A student, probably hungry and sleep-ridden, attempted and succeeded in breaking into one of the quarter candy machines on campus.

“Yeah, a kid kind of messed it up for everyone when he broke into the machine” said one Ragsdale Information desk employee, “we had to take ’em all down after that.”

After this incident, the removal of the machines seemed to inform St. Edwards students that if they mess around with the seriousness of these 25-cent machines, there will be dire consequences implemented on the rest of the student body.

The 25-cent candy machines had been around for quite some time on the campus, and were in select buildings for easy access to a small morsel of sugar to wake you up during the sleepy hours of the break of dawn when you’d been studying since 6pm or as a reward for the A+ on that Calculus exam.

Ragsdale and the snack lounge in the Library both had a double 25-cent candy machine so the consumer had a choice between two nutritional snacks such as peanut M&M’s or Hot Tamales.

Unfortunately for St.Edwards students, one man’s crime came back to haunt the rest of the community. What are we going to do now when we can’t purchase seven peanut M&M’s for 25 cents?


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