My Second Closet

December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Unbeknown to most of the thrifty St.Edwards University students, the theater department has a nice selection of free clothes, accessories and shoes on a rack that have been used for past productions and are now useless. Some of the clothes, such as a button up patterened shirt with lace trim neatly hung on the rack have even been handmade by some of the students in the theater program.

Though most of the clothes are over-sized or not really meant for day to day use (i.e. the old lady sleep-wear), the mens blazers have come in handy for some students when they are sit and freeze in classrooms that have been kept at a constant 60 degrees all year long. To make the blazers a bit more wearable, girls have been seen cutting out the retro shoulder pads.

A few weeks ago when the weather started to slope downwards, I grabbed a mens blazer from the rack to wear on the bus ride home. I believe that the baby blue tweed blazer came in quite handy, as the shoulder pads made it appear as though I had broad man shoulders. No one would mess with me after I wore that jacket.

Recently, I found a pair of classy loafers that are perfectly worn in and exatly my size. Just in time for the cold season when I feel no shame wearing dress socks with my shoes. These loafers will look more stylish with my dress socks than my Vans did. Let it be known that they also have a mysterious alligator pattern to them…and the best part is that they were totally free.

Note the size of my foot compared to my face. Its an optical illusion…. but I may or may not have sasquatch feet.


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