New Horror Flick Subject…

November 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

TROLLS!!! Trolls are staging a mass exodus from the realms of dusty bookshelf fiction classics and bursting onto the bigscreen. The Norwegians have gone above and beyond the traditional, overused and oversexed American vampire. Set deep in the mysterious and foggy Norwegian landscape, these trolls have a vendetta against Christians…

Trolls are some of the most underestimated mythological creatures. Why have they not pillaged theaters until now? (And yet they haven’t really, because this one’s exclusively in Norway) Perhaps they have been too large an expense, or maybe no one knew how to characterize them.

With warty faces and mossy bodies, trolls may very well evolve into the next American vampire or zombie. Can you imagine a tragic love story between trolls? An epic saga of troll romance? Or perhaps a massive attack of a group of trolls? Whether the trolls transform into gentle, loving creatures in Disney films, or into evil, rabid, terrorizing monsters, the whole “smelling the blood of Christians” theme could really catch on. The possibilities with trolls are virtually endless.

When trolls make their big debut in American cinemas, let it be known that you heard it here first.


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