Daily Bread

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Like consuming 1,800 calories in one sitting? Even if you don’t, after you hear what one Philidelphia bakery is stirring up, you will.

Its called Pumpple Cake.

Flying Monkey Patisserie, located in the Reading Terminal Market of Philly, brought hybrid foods to new levels with its massive cake-pie combo. Made with one white and one chocolate cake with an apple pie and a pumpkin pie baked into the center, the 1-foot tall giant tips the scale at 15 pounds, with each serving over a days worth for a normal person.

The great thing about this hybrid is that you will never need to choose which dessert to take, simply take all four in one slice! Now thats convenience.

Compared to other desserts, this technically isn’t that bad. One slice of Pumpple Cake is 1/4th of the entire cake, so at least it’s a pretty hefty serving. For just one small serving of a normal apple pie its about 200 calories, so Pumpple Cake isn’t too far out of the ballpark if you consider the big picture.

The cake has made such impressions that it was even featured on the  Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

Cross Section, From the today show

At the bakery, you can buy it by the slice for $8 or by the cake for $75.



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