“Christmas Sweater” Theme One-upped

November 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

The time of year is coming for Christmas parties and sing-along’s around the campfire. Drinking warm apple cider and reminiscing on the past year are some of the best things about these communal events, but what is a holiday party without an excellent theme? One of the default themes for Christmas parties in the past few years has been the “Tacky Christmas Sweater”. You know, the knitted kind with the applique candy-canes and hot-glued jingle bells that your kindergarten teacher used to wear? Classy indeed.

…This year, consider some of the following themes, to one-up the tackiness of last year.

1. Fleece Party

Invented by my supreme roommate, Whitney Miller, this party consists of pure fleece. Everyone must wear clothing made out of fleece, or else they will not be admitted. Fleece is versatile and warm, and can be made into all sorts of clothing, with everything from vests to pants. Consider as well all of the different fleece patterns available at Hobby Lobby nowadays! Wolf patterned fleece, fiery biker gang fleece, plaid fleece, cat fleece and solid-colored fleece all exist (normally at a discount) at Hobby Lobby. Totally Shibby.

2. Michael Jordan Party

Consider abandoning all Hanukkah and Christmas themes for something far beyond everyone’s expectations. I.E. MICHAEL JORDAN. Ok, seriously, who wouldn’t love this baller theme?! Come on, Michael Jordan was the best basketball player of all time!! He deserves a shout out once in a while! Dress as your favorite era of Michael Jordan, or just make all the things at the party Jordan themed (i.e. Sports Drinks (spiked?),  games where you have the chance to win an “MVP” award ect..)


creative ad for a potluck party from Jane Koo

3. Potluck Party:

This theme is easy and economical. It cuts back on the amount of work you have to do for the party, and gets everyone involved. Convince your party attenders that life will be better if they bring a tasty holiday dish– be it collared greens, ham, your Grandmas’s mashed yams with marshmallows on the top or melt-in-your-mouth brownies. Students will love this theme, as most of them are malnourished and under-fed, and have been living off of Ramen Noodles for the past four months.


classic Lance

4. The “Me in 5th grade” party:

Time to bust out the pilot pants and your N*sync Christmas CD. Spend time singing along to all the best of the 90’s and reminiscing on the days of yore. As a game, you could play Red Rover, but be careful. If there are any UT football players amongst you… it could get rough. Brainstorm other excellent 5th grade games and believe me, it will be totally worth it to resurrect your 90’s self.

5. “The 12 days of Christmas” party:

Remind everyone of the characters from the 12 days of Christmas song. People can dress as their favorite day, with everything from swans-a-swimming, to lords-a-leaping. Commence to playing (on repeat) “The 12 Days of Christmas). No one will get tired of this song because it is so radical!

These themes can almost guarantee that you and your friends enjoy a fun-filled evening, an excellent medicine after the stress of exams and school. So consider throwing in the old tacky Christmas sweater and opting for a fleece outfit or MJ shirt instead!


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