Ways to Spruce up your Christmas Cards

November 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

You know the routine. Take the awkward picture with the family in front of the house or in the backyard. Try to keep the dog’s attention on the camera and yet avoid the frustration that comes across in your face when your little brother/son doesn’t cooperate. And then looking through them later, you realize that your eyes are half-shut, your dog looks evil, and there’s a tree coming out of your head.


This Christmas, stray from the traditional card and add a bit o’ salt and peppa to impress your friends. Here are a few ways to make your Christmas card 500% better.

1. Try hanging upside down on a tree, much like a possum. Think about how extreme you will look.

2. Photoshop some lifelike cheetahs into the background of your picture. Your friends will be totally jealous of your abilities to co-habitate with cheetahs. Plus Cheetahs are the most badass safari animal (I’ll save this rant for another blog post)

3. Take separate face-shots of each family member Brady Bunch style. Then in photoshop, stack the images to make it look like you’re looking at each other.

4. When in doubt, use Lazers.

(via Awkward Family Photos)


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