Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Movie

November 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Thrilling and creepy, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a recent bestseller by Swedish author, Steig Larsson is an intriguing story about an investigatory journalist, Blomkvist, who is paid to probe into the disappearance of a young woman named Harriet.

Through the course of the movie, the complicated plot sews in the story of Blomkvist’s now-sidekick, Lisbeth, a hardass who was under the careful watch of a corrupt (to say the least) probation officer. Blomkvist finds Lisbeth when she sends him an email after she had hacked into his computer and solved some of the clues to the ¬†mystery. They decide to work together, and with Lisbeth’s photographic memory and acute hacking skills, make a pretty good team.

Like every movie based on a book, not every part of the story can be included. However, this movie includes enough of the clue-searching to build suspense. During the movie, I could feel myself sink back under my blanket, as the plot plays out in a cold and dark part of northern Sweden and, as the suspense built, my hands came to my face- just in case anything scary was about to happen.

By the end of the movie I realized I had become so involved in the story, questioning every character as a suspect along the way. Somehow I managed to separate myself a while after, and get some rest after the long search for Harriet.

Overall, an excellent thriller. Sidenote: there are subtitles. They are easy to read, even for someone who is somewhat dyslexic.


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