Junip Rocks the Mowhawk 11/18

November 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

After a lovely opening show from Sharon Van Etten, Jose Gonzales’ side project, Junip took the stage with steady jazz-like beats and intricate finger picking.

(all photos via my brother, Alexander)

Hailing from Sweden, Junip has been playing together off and on for at least 14 years and recently came out with a full length album.

During the show, they played mainly songs from the album, Fields. Two extra band members were on tour with Junip, bringing the band member count to a solid five. The bongo drummer in the front on the left played miscellaneous instruments such as a glass jar, which added an especially nice touch to the song, “Howl”


I think I lost it when Junip played “To the Grain” and these radical white lights came on.

Rope and Summit- Junip (mp3)

On a personal note: I’d like to think that Jose was singing directly to me. I think we may have made eye contact during the show, but that is probably just the groupie mentality of being in the front row. Also, I met the entire band after the show and decided to whip out my Norwegian on them. Unsuspecting but excited, they replied with a warm “Fellow Nordic” greeting. It was epic, but I was being super awkward since I get really shy and starstruck when I’m around extremely talented (and famous) people who I almost idolize. Overall: Mission Accomplished.


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