Wild for Turkey!

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Can you taste it? Steaming sweet potatoes, seasoned corn on the cob, doughy bread rolls fresh out of the oven, tart cranberry sauce poured over your plate and the fully dressed turkey with stuffing spilling out and artfully decorated with lettuce leafs and seasonal veggies. Reflecting on the mouth-watering ingredients to the perfect Thanksgiving reminds any celebrator that on this joyous occasion, their turkeys aren’t the only thing getting stuffed.

As the holiday quickly approaches,the time to pick out the perfect turkey becomes but a drive from the nearest grocery store. But how does one find the best turkey at the best cost? What is all this talk about free range turkeys and organic turkeys? Why does it matter? Doesn’t everyone just want a mouth-watering bird?

Standard Turkeys vs. Organic and Free Range Turkeys: What you should know.

Standard turkeys are normally cramped in pens with hundreds of other turkeys, and besides being injected with steroids to make them larger, are fed a corn mash that often has several other antibiotics in it, to make up for the disease in the crowded pen. Good if you want a turkey chock full of chemicals.

img from here

While organic turkeys can be somewhere around $2.50 per pound, putting a medium sized turkey at somewhere around $30, they are normally treated fairly, allowed to roam around at their own leisure, and free of chemicals and human modifications. Yeah, its expensive, but it’s worth it for this day of Thanksgiving that only comes once a year. Seasoned by the great outdoors, organic turkeys have a more robust flavor.

img from here (more info here as well)

The other “green” alternative is Free Range. Under this label, during their turkey lifetime, the turkeys, under certain Free Range standards should have the opportunity to walk around at their own leisure. However, there’s a twist here, in the word “opportunity”. Many farmers will consider their turkeys Free Range even if the turkeys are allowed only one day in their lifetime to walk around freely. That means one day of eating natural grass and grubs. So much for the anticipated leisure walks.

Moral of the story: If you get a turkey, make sure it is labeled 100% Free Range Organic and Natural. Labels matter, people.

Free range organic. found here

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