November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Alas, the nerd style has come light-years since the days of Urkel.

Thick rimmed glasses, sweater-vests, blazers, and suspenders. A growing style, yet still untouched by most males. I think secretly every girl wants a guy with an uncanny ability to dress well, but not too well, who looks put together, yet haphazardly. Traditionally called “nerds”, these boys were the ones with the slicked over hairdo and the thick glasses taped together in the middle. A classy pocket protector was slipped into the shirt pocket to prepare for any imminent pen explosions. And yet, they are so cute.

Recently, the style has been picked up by Urban Outfitters amongst a handful of other men’s clothing shops like the new STAG: Provisions for Men on South Congress.

Every man aspiring the “nerd” style should be sure to check out These people have created a compilation of images and links to clothing websites that make transitioning to the modern nerd especially easy.

The great thing about nerdboyfriend is that they pick apart the mens outfits from classic iconic images and post below the image where you can find almost the exact outfit online.

Bookmark this page if you know whats good for your boyfriend!


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