Dont-cha Want a Chi-weenie?

November 24, 2010 § 3 Comments

Puppy buyers, beware! Consider this your forewarning: Chiweenie are possibly one of the cutest dogs of the K9 world, and with their heart-melting tactics being illuminated in this blog, you will probably have the urge to purchase one immediately after you finish reading/looking at pics.

I dare you to not fall in love with this breed.

img from here

Mexico and Germany come together in an epic display of cuteness. Standing anywhere between 6-9 inches tall and around 14 inches long (probably the dimensions of your laptop), this dog is practically travel-sized.

Nicknamed the Mexican Hotdog, the Chiweenie is a very “easy going, happy dog…[but] need consistent training as they can be stubborn” –

img from here

Has your heart melted to 5 million pieces yet? To further illustrate how awesome they are, I made a pro/con list:

Eh, not bad.

Consider the joys of having a part-daschund, part-chihuahua as a pet!


§ 3 Responses to Dont-cha Want a Chi-weenie?

  • youseemnice says:

    my aunt has a chiweenie! his name is lou and he’s super hyper. one time when i was visiting he jumped on me while i was sitting on their couch and he peed. it was horrible…so i may be a little biased towards the chiweenie.

    • iahusby says:

      hhahahahha dude im sorry youre scarred for lyf3 about that. but seriously, did your heart melt at that pic of them in the stroller? thats all i care about. my life tagline should be “trying to melt peoples hearts since 1989” lolzz

  • janeypants says:

    genetically speaking, the extreme hyperactivity of the chihuahua and the notorious back problems of the weenie add up to a very, very expensive little dog once it breaks…and with these combined traits, it most likely will. the ears kill me. i think they’re painfully adorable, but i wouldn’t ever dare get one because of this reason. these just aren’t two breeds that need to be crossed. 😦

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