Featured: Blue Bell Ice Cream

November 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Alas, the yellow tub… The brown silhouettes on the outside, and the constant gallon of delicious frozen cream on the inside. You thought it wasn’t possible to feature Blue Bell on a blog post at the beginning of the wintry winds of December. “IT’S TOO COLD!” you say. “ITS JUST ICE CREAM,” you attempt to reason. My friends, if you know what is good in life, surely you know that Blue Bell transcends temperature. Surely you know it transcends all viable blog topics.

It’s time for a blog dedicated to the best ice cream on the face of the planet.

Back when my metabolism wasn’t so slow, I’d eat Blue Bell every night before bed. Unfortunately eating it every night had to stop, but my love for Blue Bell hasn’t. Today, my favorite flavor is still Homemade Vanilla, with Cookie Dough coming in a close second. If you’d ask me to choose any meal of the day to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Blue Bell.

Since 1907, Blue Bell in Brenham, Texas has been pumping out thick-churned ice cream to Texans. According to their website, 26% of the country has the chance to enjoy this delicious treat. Just one of the many perks of living in the south. But what is it that makes their ice cream the first choice to most southerners? Is it the gallon size? The flavor?

According to Kitty Crider, a former food editor for the Austin-American Statesman, “for an ice cream lover, some things are just worth the price, be it Buttered Pecan, Homemade Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies ’n Cream or churned heaven.”

Some Texans who have somehow been removed from the reach of Blue Bell have gone to great lengths to get their fix. One Texan family who now live in Colorado opened a Blue Bell Ice Cream shop in Fort Collins. Three times a year, the family makes the trek to Texas to stock up their refrigerated van with 5,000 gallons.

When the people at Slashfood.com, who are professionals at determining which type of a food item is the best, the challenge between the sweet and savory Dryers Natural Vanilla and Blue Bell’s Home made vanilla proved, hands down, to be Blue Bell. According to their assessment, Blue Bell was “one of the most smooth and custard like ice creams we’ve ever had. In fact, it was so rich a velvety, you could actually taste the heavy cream.”

Rich and Velvety is right. Just like the people at Slashfood, “the sweet ending of the Homemade Vanilla brought us back to our childhood and we almost finished the container in one sitting.” Each time I dip my spoon into the creamy goodness, I  am reminded of my elementary and junior high days, and realize, that indeed, the days of riding razor scooters in the hot sun with my friends are gone, but my Blue Bell eating days aren’t. As long as I live in this state, I will be a proud member of the Blue Bell fan club.




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