Lisa Frank, founder of Lisa Frank

November 14, 2010 § 3 Comments

Unbeknownst to most of the original Lisa Frank lovers, the brand is still alive and kickin’. Since 1979, Lisa Frank has been pumping out oodles of bright and girly designs, made complete with unicorns and playful Siberian tigers. Every girl at my elementary had some sort of notebook or folder with a varying Lisa Frank cartoon on the cover. And who could forget the stickers? Even with the warning of my parents, I decked out all my closet doors with them, and then paid the price when I reached my teens and, to protect myself from any impending embarrassment from my now “mature” friends, had to scrape them off, leaving a sticky residue everywhere.

Even though my transition to the teens forced me forget about things like Lisa Frank and start thinking about boys, Lisa Frank’s upbeat drawings have lingered in stores like Wal-Mart and Target.


Recently, I bought a super-fly Dalmatian sweatshirt off of Lisa for my roommate’s 22nd birthday. I figured that when turning the uneventful age of 22, a Lisa Frank sweatshirt is enough to make the year better…at least until you’re old enough to get a rental car when you turn 25. In addition, the Dalmation sweatshirt adds a level of sophistication to a person that most our age don’t have.

Badass Lisa Frank Tattoo (sleeve)

Whilst reveling in the awesomeness of the sweatshirt, we found ourselves quite curious about who Lisa Frank is and if she is a real person or just a brand name. After some wiki/googleing we found that Lisa Frank is indeed the woman who founded the brand. Though no pictures of her are available, one can only imagine how mystical she really looks.


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