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November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Cats have been around for years, but only recently have they been put into a medium that allows you to enjoy their quirky antics without even owning one.

It’s not just your grandma’s sweaters and your little sister’s Scholastic posters anymore. Cats have taken the interweb by storm.

Since the recent blow up of the Internet sensation, and, people have become obsessed with cats. The furry felines have drawn men and women alike to question whether they really like cats or they really like making fun of cats.

Around 2006, lolcats started bombarding youngins computers with dramatically and grammatically incorrect images and captions of cats doing everything from flying through the air to simply staring bug-eyed into the camera. Shortly thereafter, Ben Huh started Icanhascheeseburger. The website collects these images and puts them conveniently together for easy kitten perusing.

So, what makes cats so entertaining? What about them grips our heartstrings? Why are cats better than dogs?

Cats have a reputation for being independent and serious by nature. You can often see them sneakily wandering through back alleys and abandoned buildings or fighting with other cats in the middle of the night or giving you off-handed snarky looks. Either way cats rarely voluntarily show you their humorous side.

By breaking these stereotypes, lolcat images have created a kitty revolution of epic proportions, and people can’t seem to get enough.

Each lolcat picture captures a cat in a rare moment for their species, whether being cute and cuddly or vicious and demonic. When paired with a human emotion, the cats become easy to relate to and significantly more comical. Something about personifying this mammal that can’t speak seems to offset their dry and mime-like existence into something more loveable.

Cats v. dogs: it’s the age-old rivalry. In most real life situations, a dog could easily take out a cat, but on the Internet things aren’t so feng shui. Dogs typically vie for human attention by pulling tricks and trying hard to be cute.

If a dog were caught under a sheet, he would whimper until you rescued him and then it would give you an innocent “I’m hurt” look to seal the deal. On the other hand, a cat trapped under a sheet would fuck that “sheet” up, and upon escape would probably do the same to you.

Between clothing, images, videos, school supplies, wall decorations, and the unforgettable Crazy Cat Lady Halloween costume, kitteh humor has expanded to all corners of the social globe. Staged or not, these cat videos and images are hilarious, and one can only wonder what cats have in store for us next.


This post came from the collaborative brains of  Caroline, and Holly, and myself.



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