Regency Beauty Institute School Cuts My Hair

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Two days ago I decided it was about time for a slight trim. My hair was getting rather split at the ends, considering I hadn’t gotten a clipping since March. Scary? Maybe to some. I, on the other hand, was just starting to enjoy my long, usually dreaded locks.

I know, I know, it’s a trim, big deal. But people… I think I had elevated my hair to be this wonderful beast that it actually wasn’t. It’s hair for crying out loud! I think if anyone gets to the point where they are physically and emotionally attached to their hair length, that is when they should cut it.

Knowing that I had a dwindling bank account balance, I headed over to the Regency Beauty Salon School, on Ben White (next to Wal Mart) to get a $9 cut. I got in right away, and after walking down the aisles to my salon seat with my hair-master/student, Chandra, we bagan the “consultation”.

While feeling a bit silly because of the professionalism that was happening in a school, she led me to the hair washing bowls, where she slapped some Nexxus in my hair and un-knotted it with the hot water. It worked like magic. I attempted to make some small talk about hair cutting, which I actually began to think was pretty interesting, but apparently my hair-master was disinterested.

One thing Chandra did tell me was that the $9 goes completely to the school, and does not go toward tuition or income to the hard-working students. In short: a hefty tip is necessary.

The conversation dwindled, and she led me back to the salon chair to begin clipping. It started out well, but quickly moved on to me telling her to just chop more off, to not be scared of cutting. I completely understand this feeling of leaving the hair, considering my recent hair styling of both my brother and boyfriend’s hair. I also think my “consultation” may have been a bit unclear. Nevertheless, Chandra began taking more risks with my hair and it ended up fine.

From the cat fight between two of the workers, to the hundreds of manican heads with real hair sitting around everywhere, the experience was a bit weird. However, the school is well kept, clean and organized, which is a necessity. Overall, my advice is: know exactly how you want your hair cut so you can explain it. Also bring cash for a tip.


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