Mumford and Sons, Stubbs, 11/3

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment


Mumford and Sons is wreaking havoc in the folk music scene. Just since last year, the UK friends played their way into the souls of students and adults alike. With their deeply moving lyrics and their innocent plucking banjo riffs, Mumford and Sons is one of the few bands that can be listened to time and time again.

At the show at Stubbs on Tuesday night, the band wooed the audience into a trance, singing honestly and with easy harmonies. Through the course of the show, the performance mainly stemmed from the album, “Sigh No More”, an album chock full of religious themes. When the light plucking and strumming of “White Blank Page” began, a quiet haze was cast over the audience. Even in the back, the listeners fought the outside noise to hear the accented Marcus Mumford reflect on his past love in the crescendo of the song.

Throughout the show, a few of the band members would comment on how they were happy to be in Austin, with Mumford himself adding, “I love so many things about Texas. But my favorite thing of all is the word ‘ya’ll’”.  Bam, just won my heart.

Although I happen to be very biased about Mumford and Sons since I feel as though their sound is awesome, you should check them out.


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