Gypsy Picnic, 11/6

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

I decided to eek my way to auditorium shores today to go to the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Destival. After driving way past auditorium shores, I finally found a place to park in a neighborhood at the intersection of Gibson and Bouldin and walked down to the festival.

People were swarming the entrance, with kids and dogs and strollers, loitering, talking, and waiting. Directly after entering the park, my views were stormed with lines of people that bended around picnic tables and through the park. Were these people really all waiting in line to get a $3 taco? Yes. Yes indeed.  To my surprise, all of these people seemed very determined to milk the situation (each trailer had to supply at least one $3 item on their three-option menu). One of my friends stood in a line for 45 minutes, solely to reap the harvest of a plain hot-dog from Man Eats Dog.

Even though the lines were ridiculous, and many of the food choices were not available later in the day, the festival seemed like a good idea that hadn’t been thought through much. The free bands on stage definitely added a positive ambiance to the fact that there were so many people, and made the atmosphere more chill.

A few vendors that were at the festival: Torchy’s Tacos, a classic taco shack, Chi’Lantros BBQ, a heavenly food combination of Asian and Mexican, Holy Cacao, the only place I’ve heard of having frozen hot chocolate, Bananarchy, a banana covered in your favorite toppings, The Flying Pita, a Moroccan food trailer, The Peached Tortilla, a trailer known for their battered fries and peach cilantro dressing and Coolhaus, who was serving an ice cream sandwich with bacon bits in it.

The Flying Pita (moroccan hamburger) photo:Kiersten Marian

Would I go to this again? Yes, on certain conditions. 1. Bring a posse, and split up, then everyone gets to try something new when you come together to share your foods, 2. Get there early before the vendors run out of food, 3. Find a spot to sit where dogs don’t eat your food. Overall, great idea, just too many people, too little food.


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