QR Coding

October 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

QR (quick reference) codes are the future.

Recently a fellow student told our class about these ultramodern bar-code-esque tags that link to websites. Essentially how it works is that a code is created via the interweb, and that code can be scanned by most new phones (You can download a QR code reader for free for the IPhone). Directly after scanning the code, a browser appears on your phone and takes you to the allotted site. In short, if you have any type of website or blog, you can create a QR code image that will link people to your page after they scan it. TOTALLY RAD.

(generate your own!)

QR codes are starting to get pretty big over in Japan, and many people participate in guerrilla advertising by illegally pasting their QR code up on the side of a building or a billboard.

by Cliffano Subagio

Japan QR

The codes has also been used for interactive media at festivals such as South by Southwest in Austin. Seems like a great idea for linking people to further information and cutting down on paper handouts that are usually crumpled up and left at the bottom of a purse or carried away by the wind.

Some QR codes will take you to nutritional information or to see where the nearest store is

QR frenzie!

QR codes are the new face of information distribution! Waaaahh!!!


§ 2 Responses to QR Coding

  • gshewaga says:

    whoaaaa crazy- I was gonna blog about QR codes today after talking about them in class too. I think we should generate some for our blogs and go on a wheatpasting party. Thats probably the best chance I’m gonna have of building my Twitter readership…

  • Lara Glover says:

    I want a free screen protector

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