Costume Ideas

October 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

While a good part of the world goes out and purchases costumes for the joyous Halloween celebration, a small margin of commonfolk create their own.

As the date quickly approaches, challenge yourself to think of a way to save money and also impress people by having a completely original costume.

As I think back upon some of my favorite costumes from yester-year, I can’t deny the fact that my favorites were the ones my mom and I threw late-night hours into, perfecting and hi-5ing each other along the way. Among the best included: my grandma, a volcano (awesome!), and an Eggo Waffle.


Eggo Waffle


Though it may be hard for you to stray from a classic store-bought M&M costume or the overrated Native American getup (btw, in case you were wondering, native Americans dress normally now and own casinos), consider creating one the following costumes to one-up your friends’ slutty French maid outfit consisting of minimal amounts of clothing:

  1. Crazy Shut-in Cat Lady: You will need: hideous lipstick, a visor with cats on it, large glasses on krokies, a cat vest, and a pet cat 

    cat lady

  2. You in 5th grade: You will need: whatever you wore in 5th grade. Most likely including parachute pants and a Limited Too shirt. Also include Buddah Beads! 

    Christina Aguilera's Pants are cool


  3. Oreo Cookie:  You will need: a white outfit from head to toe. Then glue two large circular pieces of black foam-board to your back and to your front. Vegans will love you. Oreos are vegan. 

    Ignore the swirly hat

  4. Bindi Irwin: Everyone loves this girl. You will need: short brown hiking shorts, pigtails, mid-calf socks and hiking shoes. Don’t forget the Australian accent. 

    Just a large poisonous snake around my neck, no biggie

  5. A watermelon head: Blow up a balloon two to three times larger than your head. Paper Mache it and cut a hole in the bottom to fit over your head. Paint it the colors of a watermelon and figure out how you will see out of it. Place it on your head and commence to party. 


  6. Abe Lincoln on a penny: cut a large piece of foamboard to scale: you want your face to be Lincoln on the penny. Draw/paint the foamboard to look like a penny, cut out the place where your face will fit in the middle of the coin. Paint your face with copper metallic paint and grow a beard to fit. Attach by putting a strap from one side of the penny to the other and put it on your head. 

    You could look like this...

Happy creating. Send me any suggestions you might have and I will post them here!


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