Thinking About Christmas

October 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

Its almost that time of year, of sleigh bells, and manger scenes, and delicious Christmas ham. We all know what that means. Presents.

I am excited about giving gifts. Though I have decided to hand-make all of them, I have found some interesting things in the recent (and pricey) Holiday Sky Mall magazine that I feel are worth sharing. From one gift giver to another, merry-almost-Christmas. Start thinking about what you’re giving.

For your gardener-uncle who’s really into conspiracy theory:


Bigfoot Garden Sculpture. $98.95


For your crazy aunt who may or may not be a part of the family:


Beware of Gargoyles Sign. $14.95

Beware of Gargoyles Sign. $14.95


For your boyfriend who is a secret (or not so secret) Star Wars Fanatic:


Millennium Falcon Car Shade. $19.99


(awesome, right?!?!!)

For your dad:

  • Solar Powered Laptop Case. $149.99
  • yep, its real.

    For your friend who claims to be haunted by the scary armadillo he/she hit one time (to help him/her cope and see that armadillos are forgiving animals who give you LoneStar):

    Tex The Armadillo Beverage Holder. $19.99


    For…your mom?

    Biker Dragon Statue. $29.95


    There you have it. Its time to make your gift list and get to it! happy shopping…more suggestions to come!


    § 2 Responses to Thinking About Christmas

    • […] 5. ok, so i have some pretty funny friends. one of these friends has a blog, called “messenger pigeon.” her name is ingrid and her most recent post was about christmas ideas. now you’re thinking, “well that makes sense it’s about christmas and alyssa would put anything related to christmas on the list.” well, in this case that’s false. true for everyday. but false today, so joke’s on you! the items on her list of christmas ideas is what put it on this list. you should definitely check it out. […]

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