Requirements for Accomplishing a Lifelong Dream

October 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Recently, I have felt the need to create a bucket list of sorts, in order to keep track of goals and dreams that I have/ want  to accomplish.

High on the list is to walk the famous Lord of the Rings “trail to Mordor” (in New Zeland). Yes, I am a LOTR fan, for sure. I have done mild research on the topic, and have discovered the wonders of the ‘Zeland wilderness. By reading various blog posts from people who have gone before me, I apsire to put together a more definite plan of attack for accomplishing this life goal.

Some things a potential hiker must do to prepare (as I see it):

1. Watch all the Lord of the Rings movies, extended editions, in a row. (approx. 15 hours)

LUV 'em!


2. Research “trail to mordor” blogs to find out what the trail looks like…


3. Begin a rigorous body athleticizing schedule in preparation for the hike. (aka work out).

happy family?

4. Grow out your hair

Long hair is crucial

5. Speak Elvish…this site will help immensely in your study of the language. I bet you will be the most devoted fan on the trail if you speak to everyone in elvish.

Elvish letters

…now all I need to do is find someone who will pay for my ticket to New Zeland. No biggie, right?

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