Photographer Highlight

October 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Ever notice how some images won’t leave you? Aleix Plademunt, a Vancouver based photographer is one photograpgher whose images won’t get out of my head.

In his series entitled, DubaiLand, Plademunt examines the relationship between people and the land. The images were all taken in Dubai, a sandy wilderness, littered with manmade buildings and attractions. The photos are carefully taken, with great attention to angles, lines, and the very artificiality of the landscape.

It is apparent that in his DubaiLand series, Plademunt is commenting on the way that Dubai has characterized itself, basing its landmarks on ideology of other places.

Marta Daho, who writes the description of DubaiLand on Plademunt’s website comments at the end, “Maybe his projects also talk about the need to finally assume what the symptomatic landscape of Dubai has to say about us.” This statement brings to mind the kind of iconic imagery that we portray as the state of Texas. Flags, jacked-up f-250’s, cowboys, meat. Interesting to think about how other countries might display our own sense of self in their society.

for more images and information go to:


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