ACL droppings

October 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

As you all know, ACL is happening this weekend. I keep telling myself that  I don’t care if I’m not there Friday and Saturday, “its just music”… it isn’t very convincing, I know, but it’s the only think keeping me from falling into an abyss of depression from not getting to see Monsters of Folk, Angus and Julia Stone, First Aid Kit, Broken Bells, and so many more.

However, I AM GOING SUNDAY! woohoo!

I have been having a listening party all day with myself, and here is a small playlist I created for you. You’re welcome. (click on song titles)


Desert SongEdward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros….Gripping, soulful, and honest, this echo-y, wild song is the about the lead singer, Alex Ebert’s middle name– a native american name that means ‘Devil’ or ‘Demon’– which his father secretly gave to him on his birth certificate. Ebert’s song may be some sort of “coming to terms” with the unfortunate name, but the beautiful wailing is a sweet dessert to my ears. (Yes… I just said it was dessert to my ears)

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Hard TimesDavid Bazan, Rosie Thomas, J.Tillman, Laura Gibson, John and Chris Totten…though Bazan (from Pedro the Lion) is the only one at ACL this year, this Dylan cover is definitely worth a listen. A beautifully harmonized prayer, the song is performed by an artist collective from Bifrost Arts, which is “an ecumenical religious organization closely linked to the Presbyterian Church in America that produces written and recorded religious music, and frequently performs at Christian Universities and conferences”. Hi-5! for this kind of ‘alternative’ Christian music paving the way for creative folk artists, and reviving the ‘contemporary’ christian music scene, which is mainly  watered-down lyrics and poppy sing alongs.

David Bazan

Billie HolidayWarpaint… I recently discovered this cover by experimental group, Warpaint. The breathy, angelic vocals are mesmerizing, and an interesting take on the song. Can’t wait to see them in real life!


The Story I Heard Blind Pilot…Hailing from Portland, the land of all great music, Blind Pilot’s lyrics communicate deeply personal experiences. With an authentic guitar and humble drum beats, Blind Pilot catches my attention in this ode to a girl named “JoJo”.

Blind Pilot (cool points for bear shirt)


The question is, Band of Horses or The Flaming Lips? It is indeed a topic of much debate, seeing as Flaming Lips have basically been doing the same thing for 25 years, but I’ve already seen BoH once before (though they do put on an awesome show). Any suggestions? With nearly 75,000 attendants, I don’t think I can fight the crowds to see half of both bands.


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