A Tuesday Dropping

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Im sure there are more depressing things than having to walk 20 blocks downtown in the pouring rain whilst wearing a white t-shirt. But today, it seemed like the worst thing that could ever happen…ever… for so many reasons:

1. Come on, I was basically see-through.

2. I come to question humanity when EVERYONE (or at least most UT students) has an umbrella with poka-dots on it or some other equally ridiculous pattern, and NONE of them offer to shelter my cold, shakey body from the evil beads of water, now seeping into my eyelids and causing my contacts to shrivel over themselves.

3. My pants felt as though I was wearing some sort of very uncomfortable, unstretchable spandex, which was causing me to waddle like a penguin. Btw, its cool if you like penguins, but less cool if you look like one.

4. My cool dinosaur Vans are now unusable for the next week.

5. The rain falling on my face gave the appearance of crying, so I thought, ‘well, might as well’… dont worry, I didnt. I totally just faked you out right then. HA!

Lesson of the Day: It is better to brave the rain than to make a ghetto rain poncho out of a plastic bag. Mine ended up suction cupping to my mouth and I couldn’t breathe until I used my hand to remove it. Hands…such a valuable part of the body.

So...I wanted an image of a 'ghetto rain poncho'...and instead i recieved Poncho's modeling card. Thought it was worth sharing.


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