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Winter hits Houston and Gino whips out his parka


Get on the Soul Train

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It has been confirmed: I was born in the wrong decade. Watching old Soul Train episodes from the 70’s makes me want to rip off this mediocre sweatshirt and skinny jeans and put on a pair of flowy high-waisted bell bottoms, some chunky heels and a tight sequined top.

In 1971, Soul Train’s first official show aired on TV in Chicago. Obviously, the general public couldn’t deny the contagious beats and groovy dance moves because the show aired until 2006.

I remember watching Soul Train when I was younger and thinking it was a strange concept…a show dedicated to people dancing to music… I realize now that Soul Train was probably a pioneer for the latest club fashion and dance moves. I mean, puhhhh-leaaaasseee. Those dance moves are AMAZING.

If only there was a club where people still danced like that. I WOULD DIE.

Plus, there’s Don Cornelius, the host. I always let out a small giggle when I see him…what a QT.


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The temperature has been slowly declining over the past week, which makes things in Houston feel a bit more like Christmas time. Yesterday, we took out the Skerry that Dad and I made two Christmases ago. The parts came from Chesapeake Light Craft, and it took us a few months to build. Totally rad on the water, and once I learn how to sail, we’ll take it to Somerville or Conroe.

Here are some pictures from the day (mainly experimenting with depth of field on the new 50mm Canon f 1.4 lens I got for Christmas!)

i like this hair tuft

overexposed vignetting by dad

bro row

mean muggin’

this is a picture you’d get for free in a picture frame



the end.




Tuesday Dropping

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While at the bookstore today, I stumbled across this series of romance books that look totally intriguing…

Pug Life

December 28, 2010 § 4 Comments

Pugs. The new cat. Okay, maybe its a bold statement since they look nothing like cats, have zero cat mannerisms and are not pretentious like cats, but just look at them. Those bulgy, beady eyes, the questioning wrinkles, and the signature tongue hanging out are just too much to handle! Can you help that loving feeling springing up inside of you? Probably not. To commemorate the pug species I have put together a small collection of some pictures I found. The first is of a sweatshirt I made my brother for Christmas. Any requests for this sweatshirt can be made in the comment box.

these two look like they could take over the world…

yes to pug sweaters, where can i get one??? sidenote: I’d like to be friends with this guyterrified.


who thinks to make these things??

So there you have it. Pugs are totally baller.

Christmas and Things

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Christmas greetings to you from my family and me. I hope the end of the year has brought you a renewed sense of peace and joy.

What a better way to get in the new year blogging swing than a new point and shoot digital camera! My parents gifted a Canon Powershot to me this year, which is indeed quite timely with my ski trip fast approaching. In addition, this year I will attempt to update the blog with recent photos of things I see.

So, lets raise our cyber-glasses to resolve to do whatever it is we want to do this year… be it bird watching, archery, stamp collecting, or to write more. Cheers and Skål (for you fellow Norwegians out there)!

Daily Dose of Imagery

December 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

I admire the bloggers who remain faithful to their mission of daily posts year after year. Bloggers like Sam Javanrouh who runs Toronto-based Daily Dose of Imagery.  His blog documents the nuances of city life in Toronto but is sprinkled with the occasional shot from one of his trips to exotic places.  Patrons of the blog will become familiar with names of places like Front Street and other well-known places around the city.

He makes use of standard photographic techniques like long exposure and lens filters, but the results are simple, pristine, and usually bursting with color.

For those desiring to learn his techniques, details of the composure of each photograph can be seen by mousing over the photo for a few seconds.
In addition, as if it weren’t already awesome enough, he has made a few interactive photos, which require flash to view, but are quite impressive.

I encourage you to peruse his archives at your leisure.